On 17th September together with official representative at the territory of CAMBODIA – Orange Dental Supplies – SGS Dental Implant System had organised the
1st SGS Dental Implant System Meeting in Cambodia at famous and prestigious Phnom Penh Hotel.
The event has emphasised the great solutions with our Multi-unit abutments and other very important prosthetic possibilities with SGS Dental Implant System.

We hosted around 40-50 doctors from Phnom Penh, Cambodia who were delighted to hear about our system with excellent examples – cases made and presented by key opinion-leader lecturers Dr. ANTAL Mark and Gai KRICHELI.

In the first part of the event we tried to fix more theoretical basics to all who were invited and interested in SGS Dental Implant System, and in the second half of the gathering we made practical, hands-on, interactive courses with individual approach to each and single participant. We are sure that all the participants got the great first impression on our system and truly hope they will continue the work with us and our representatives in Cambodia thanks to this excellent launching event. We wish to render thanks to all our colleagues for their great collaboration and intentions.